Lorelai: You need three highlighters?
Rory: Yes.
Lorelai: Three?
Rory: Yes.
Lorelai: That's a very random number.
Rory: Three is not a random number.
Lorelai: I mean, how did you get to the number three?
Rory: One dries up, one gets lost, I have one left.
Lorelai: You've really thought this out.
Rory: Yes, I have.
Lorelai: What came first, the chicken or the egg?

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Lorelai Gilmore, Rory Gilmore
Gilmore Girls Season 1 Episode 4: "The Deer Hunters"
Gilmore Girls
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Gilmore Girls Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Lorelai: Sweetie you're never gonna find the deer.
Rory: Well I'm gonna try.
Lorelai: Well I'm in heels!
Rory: Well stay in the car.
Lorelai: It's dangerous in the car with all the kamikaze deer running around...
(getting out of the car)
Rory: I have to find it.
Lorelai: Alright, wait up! So what does the deer look like? Huh? Does it have any distinguishing marks - besides the word 'Jeep' imprinted on it's forehead?

Rory: (enters Mrs. Kim's) Lane?
Lane: Go to the left! (Rory almost runs into Mrs. Kim)
Lane: Sorry, I meant my left. Your right!
Rory: This isn't working! Marco!
Lane: Polo!
Rory: (walking around) Marco!
Lane: Polo!
Rory: (finds Lane) Hello, Marco!
Lane: Hello, Polo!