Barbara: You need to tell me anyway.
DB: Are you sure you want that? Giving the nature I see every day.
Barbara: you need to talk to me about it. You think you're protecting me. But you're just trying to protect yourself. That's when we get into trouble. Promise me, no more secrets. I know who I married DB.
DB: I love you. I know who I married too.

CSI Season 13 Episode 6: "Pick and Roll"
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CSI Season 13 Episode 6 Quotes

TJ: Last night, after practice, there was a fight in the locker room. Somebody throw a punch at Coach. I stepped in to try to stop it. That's how the blood got on my jersey.
DB: Ok. All right. Thank you. Who throw the punch?
TJ: Your son.

Henry: No more locker room laundry. I just went through 3 carts of dirty towels. This whole place smells like feet.
Greg: Now it's going to smell like something else. And you might want to borrow Russell's incents. It's pretty ripe.