Marissa: Remember you told me how much you hate being Black-apedia for white people, explaining what is or isn't offensive.
Jay: Yeah.
Marissa: I really need to ask you if something is or isn't offensive.
Jay: We love playing this game with white allies.
Marissa: You can ask me about Jews anytime you want. I'm prosecuting someone in Wackner’s court who lost their professorship for saying a word.
Carmen: What word?
Jay: [N-word-ly]?
Carmen: As in stingy?
Marissa: Exactly. Is the word offensive?
Carmen: No, it means stingy.
Jay: Wait, it's a medieval word that no one uses in casual conversation.
Carmen: You really think it’s offensive?
Jay: I think it’s a microaggression and microaggressions are like Pringles: You never have just one.

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The Good Fight Season 5 Episode 7: "And the fight had a detente..."
The Good Fight
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The Good Fight Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

Judge Abernathy: Thank you for stopping by. I've been worried that I was insensitive, and I wanted to get a gut check from both of you.
Diane: Sure, Your Honor. What is it?
Judge Abernathy: I've been watching the two of you throughout the case, and I realized after what I heard last night that your discomfort made sense to me. If my wife and I ever tried to work together, our relationship wouldn't last. So more power to you. I just… I'm a great friend of the LGBTQ+ community.
Diane: Thank you, Your Honor.
Liz: Yeah, actually you know what, Your Honor, there is, there is something that you could settle for us.
Judge Abernathy: Oh great, certainly.
Liz: One of the jurors, the one from the church, I think she's noticed how close we are together. And I hope you don’t mind me saying it…
Diane: It’s been on my mind as well. She did see us out in the hall together.
Liz: And we're just worried that our relationship may have played into her bias.
Diane: It would just be good to be certain, don’t you think, darling?

Wackner: I understand you want your career back. You’re a funny man. It takes hard work to get funny. Maybe you think that’s enough, but you haven't done anything for the women you hurt. You haven't made amendments.
Joey Battle: Your Honor, I brought my checkbook.
Wackner: You're a rich man, Joey. I think everyone here knows the minute you go back to work, you'll learn back you're fine.
David Cord: Your Honor, everybody deserves a second chance.
Wackner: You know the expression doing your time.
Joey Battle: Your Honor, I haven't worked a major venue in over a year. How much time do you want me to take?
Wackner: Doing time means more than taking time. It means serving your sentence, going to prison. You want to come back? OK, first you got to do your time: three weeks sentence.