Black Knight: You see kids your father is nothing but a fizzle!
Peter: Nobody calls me a fizzle and gets away with it! Except that one guy who called me a fizzle and then ran off. He got away with it. But most people who call me a fizzle don't get away with it. Well, actually, that guy who got away with it was the only one who ever called me a fizzle. After today ... only half the people who ever called me a fizzle will have gotten away with it

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Peter Griffin
Family Guy Season 3 Episode 9: "Mr. Saturday Knight"
Family Guy
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Family Guy Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

You know, since money's getting tight, I was gonna suggest that we eat the kids. You know, jokingly at first, but then I was gonna gauge your reaction and if you were cool with it, we would go from there, but this is a much better idea


Peter: Are you training to be a jouster too?
Mort: Yes. I'm trying to overcome my terrible fear of swords. A man in a pirate costume stabbed me in the ear when I was nine, and again when I was thirty!