Virginia: Are you there? Hello, I repeat, are you there?
Elme: Who's asking?
Virginia: Virginia, I got a job for you.
Elme: It will have to wait. I have a delivery to make in Galvistone.
Virginia: Gonna burn a lot of gas getting down there. I'll make sure you never want for it again.
Elme: Who are you looking for?
Elme: Is Mr. Jones dead or alive?
Virginia: I don't know.
Elme: You will soon.

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Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 1: "The End Is The Beginning"
Fear the Walking Dead
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Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 1 Quotes

Man: Oh, thank god. Please, you gotta help me. They been after me for days.
Elme: Who?
Man: I'm not really sure.
Elme: Well, it appears you've lost them. What's your name?
Man: It's Walter.
Elme: You hungry, Walter? Eat. I'll keep an open eye. Good, right? Do you means are the first staple humans ever cultivated? They were right there with us at the beginning. Seems only fitting that we would be enjoying them as we march towards the end.
Man: These are good. What's in them?
Elme: The chef never reveals his secrets. Besides, it's my brother's recipe. He'd probably kill me if he knew I spilled the beans.
Man: Course, I understand. Doesn't matter. These are mighty fine tasting beans.
Elme: Easy there, friend. Easy.
Man: Hounds been on my ass since...
Elme: Good boy, Rufus. Good boy, Rufus.
Man: You know his name?
Elme: Course I do, he's my dog.

It's Tabasco, Walter.