Crosby: You're judging. You're busy judging in a subdued, calculating manner.
Renee: In a subdued, calculated manner.
Crosby: See? Even slower. Great.

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Crosby Braverman
Parenthood Season 4 Episode 14: "One Step Forward, Two Steps Back"
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Parenthood Season 4 Episode 14 Quotes

Joel: We should finalize it.
Julia: What?
Joel: I think we should finalize it. You know, talk to the lawyers, file the paperwork, dot the Is, cross the Ts. If there's anything that's going to tell our boy that he's a part of our family, that's it. I just think we need to, you know, take the leap.

Baby, I'm sorry. I know being criticized is not fun and my mother is a master at it.