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We pick up right where we left off, with Ramse arriving in Tokyo 1987 and Cole following closely behind. Though Cole did not see him, Ramse was in the alleyway and followed Cole to the White Dragon.

Speaking of the night club, Leland Goines is there negotiating with a Japanese businessman. Goines is looking for a biological samples for cloning, but feels the thousand year old corpse presented to him is nothing more than “Himalayan road kill.” He passes on the purchase, until he runs into Cole on his way to the restroom.

As we learned in the very first episode, Cole mentions the Army of the 12 Monkeys and the virus. “Of course, this is where you get the virus” Cole says peaking Leland’s interest.

Ramsey interrupts the meeting and a major fight breaks out between Cole and his former best friend.

The businessman breaks up the fight and throws a switchblade between the two to resolve the conflict. Ramsey gets his hands on the blade and stabs Cole in the gut. Goines purchases the corpse.

Alarms go off in 2043, warning the team Cole is dying. They work to have him splintered to 2015, while Ramsey is arrested and thrown in Fuchu Prison. Without proof he’s a U.S. citizen, Ramsey is sentenced to 10 years for stabbing Cole.

While in prison, Ramse is tormented by a large inmate and soon begins to receive letters from the Striking Woman. “We’ve know of you for a long time traveler. You were born Jose Ramse” the letter begins.

Though Olivia could not interfere with the timeline, she provided the tools for Ramsey to ultimately defend himself against the abusive inmate. He studied Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” and learned Japanese.

In 1992, the man approached Ramse taunting him saying, “Little man, I am your master!” Ramsey simply stood up and informed the other inmates this man worked for the guards and is a snitch. Ramsey took down his enemy without lifting a finger, and walked away as his tormentor was beaten to death.

A few years later, in 1995, Ramsey is finally released and joins Olivia and her people. “You are the key to our next cycle” the Striking Woman informs him.

The Pallid Man welcomes him to the fold, as Olivia collects both amulets. As we know, an object from the past and its future version coming together causes a paradox. After the explosion, the leaves and plants in the courtyard turn blood red. Olivia says “he has come.”

Sixteen years later, Ramsey has not aged a day and he informs Olivia about Markridge in order to invest in the company. They meet with Leland Goines soon after, and the man recognizes Ramse though the traveler denies having met him. We catch a glimpse of Jennifer saying, “everything’s changing.”

The murders at the Night Room take place, and Henri is killed in Haiti. Olivia informs Ramse that the virus they planted drew the man out but Cole killed him. They can not interfere just yet.

Leland visits Jennifer in the mental hospital. He finds a drawing of a monkey and leaves her behind, despite the fact security footage proved she was innocent.

In 2015, Cole meets Leland and we revisit the dual watch paradox from the first episode. Cole shoots and kills Leland, and Ramse is informed of these turn of events. The traveler is also told Jennifer lead them to the Night Room, but Cole destroyed the origin corpse. The Pallid Man wonders why they’ve been set up to fails, and Olivia tells him “The cycle must happen exactly as it has. Otherwise, the traveler would have never come.”

Though the virus was lost in Chechnya, the Army of the 12 Monkeys caught up with Oliver Peters who recreated the virus for them.

Ramse is convinced he killed Cole in 1987, and they can now move forward with the plague. However, Jones sent Cole back to Cassie in 2015.

Meanwhile, Aaron meets with Senator Royce about a survival protocol project incase of a widespread disaster and learns Olivia is the investor.

The Striking Woman meets with Jennifer, and sets her on her path to establish the Daughters. Everything ties neatly together, as Jennifer eventually sends Ramse back in time.

In 2043, Whitley informs us they lost the tether and Cole’s lost in time; the mission is over. However, Jones refuses to believe it and tells Dr. Adler that she can not abandon the facility. “Hope is the luxury of those who are unburdened by fate” Jones tells him.

Cole informs Cassie that the Army of the 12 Monkeys has been a step ahead of them the whole time thanks to Ramse. “I know who the Witness is” Cole says.


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12 Monkeys Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Cole: Of course, this is where you get the virus.
Leland: Virus? There's a virus in that thing?
Cole: Yeah and you're going to help me destroy it.

The Pallid Man: Your father was right.
The Striking Woman: Yes, he has come.