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In January 1957, Cole and Cassie prepare for the paradox which takes place in November. There are 200 people they must investigate.

Unfortunately, November arrives and our heroes are no closer to figuring out who the Primary is.

Naturally, this leads Cole and Cassie to argue over the mission. Cole heads down to the bar to avoid saying something he will regret. There he meets up with Charlie and the two discuss the women in their lives. Sadly, the man's wife is dying of cancer.

Cole returns to the suite, where Cassie informs him that day laborers had been hired to fix the drainage system. One of them could be the Primary.

Jennifer's Daughters were losing faith in her in 2044, as the group had not reached Titan yet. Hannah returns after visiting Titan's coordinates and explains nothing was there.

The morning the day laborers arrived, Cole spotted a twitchy guy in the group. He questioned the man about hearing voices and the red forest.

Meanwhile, Cassie went through the company's files and located Reginald Dupuy's work application. Lo and behold, there was a monkey drawn on the back.

When Cole takes Dupuy out back to shoot him, the man confesses that he was paid off to act strange.

A woman enters the factory carrying a box and a gun. Cassie confronts her.
Soon Charlie appears and opens the box which contains a bone knife. Cassie quickly realizes that Charlie is not the Primary, he's a Messenger.

Cole arrives just as Charlie stabs his wife causing the final paradox.

In the future, Titan appears in the distance. Ramse and the others make their way there.

Six months later, Cassie wakes from a coma. Cole had visited her earlier to say goodbye, wanting her to have a good life without him.

She is not going to let him go that easily, and does some research into "Morris Morrison." She learns he purchased a house.

When Cassie arrives at that house, she instantly recognizes it as the cedar and pine house from her red forest visions. Is Cole the Witness?

The two come face to face and admit their feelings for one another. They finally make love in Cole's little white house.

However, in the future their friends are slaughtered by the Witness.

12 Monkeys
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12 Monkeys Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Spend any time in the hospital? Draw things you see in your head? Monkeys? Hear voices, talking about things that haven't happened yet? Red forest? Green to red?


Look out for the strange ones. Being Primary is like being schizophrenic. Look for people who twitch, talk to themselves, don't fit in with others. People who stand out.