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With the temporal red storm practically at their doorstep, old Jennifer explains to Hannah there are many endings and that particular day is one of them.  

Cole is anxious to splinter to 1957 to save the last Primary and stop the paradox, but the storm is interfering with Jones' calculations.

Meanwhile, Ramse is released by others who have given up on Jones' mission including Whitley. They take the facility by force.

When the brothers come face to face, Cole reminds Ramse that there's only death at Titan. Though he threatens Ramse's life, Cole allows him to walk away.

Deacon was still feeling sorry for himself after Cassie dumped him, but Cole manages to recruit his former rival.

Whitley lets Ramse and Dr. Adler into the time machine's control room. However, it isn't long before Cole barges in threatening Adler's life. Without him there would be no splintering. Period.

Cassie manages to disarm Cole and he makes a run for Jennifer's camp. Once there, he recruits the Daughters to help take back the facility.

With Deacon's help Cole, Jennifer and her daughters climb the facility walls and enter through the roof. They quickly overpower the traitors.

Jennifer stares at the machine's chair. "Hello old friend. Been a while since I've seen you" she says.

Suddenly a shot rings out because Ramse and Deacon had been arguing and Jennifer is wounded. A dying old Jennifer tells Cole resurrection is the only option, otherwise her daughters will kill everyone in the facility.

Our hero splinters back to 2016 and brings that young version of Jennifer to the future, where the daughters are confused by "mother's" appearance.

Old Jennifer tells her younger self she needs to make a different decision this time around and lead the way to Titan.

Young Jennifer orders Cole to stop the paradox in 1957, then tells Ramse and Cassie the three of them will seek out the Witness. Though Ramse is skeptical Jennifer can lead them safely through the temporal storm, she assures him she's got a yellow brick road inside her head.

Cole splinters away, but Cassie has a change of heart and joins him in 1957 before the storm hits the facility.

Jones and Lasky disintegrate, while Ramse, Jennifer and the Daughters leave for Titan.

12 Monkeys
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12 Monkeys Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Cole: So its come to this, huh?
Ramse: It doesn't have to. You can just walk away, let us use the machine.
Cole: Not gonna happen. There's no time.

We've recruited others. We're not the only ones that have given up on Jones.