The Final Conflict Begins - 12 Monkeys
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This story has been a long time in the making, like the entire way back to Game of Thrones. Coris, a young woman, was given the weapon and the name of James Cole. The future was in her hands.


Time is spinning through Jone's head as she lay nearly dying, blood coming out of her mouth.

Hannah wants to know what to do. She can help. Cassie doesn't think Jones is going to help. Cassie doesn't want to help because Jones shot Athan.

Deacon still thinks Athan was the Witness. He's shocked to learn it is and was Olivia. Cassie saves Jones, but she wants to run. She's done. She's losing her soul.

She suggests to everyone they all find a place in the past to take off and disappear, live their lives for as long as they get.

Before they get a chance to go, the river begins boiling. The storms are coming. She's here.

Olivia only has one move. Kill them all.

An army descends upon our heroes and the term "outnumbered" is worthless in comparison.

The machine needs to be stabilized and the core cooled manually. Jones wants to splinter everything. Aaron says it's not finished. Jones seems to think it would work.

When their only wall to the outside world is infiltrated, Cassie calls the team back. They may have a way out.

Project Karen will splinter the facility somewhere safe. Time travel without the time part.

There are beams and everything inside of them would be transported somewhere else, but not somewhen else.

It's up to Deacon to leave the facility to load the place with explosives to do some major destruction.

It's the teacher and the student as Jones tries to outsmart the woman she taught too much in hindsight.

One weapon left behind keeps coming into focus. Why will it be important?

Deacon sees Olivia's moves and reports back. Olivia's got herself a deathstar.

Inside, Lasky is shot through the head. He can't help. Jones shoots herself with adrenaline and heads to the core.

Those masked bastards are everywhere. It's a testament to the heroes how much they want to survive how well they're doing.

Whitley holds off the bad guys for as long as he can while Jones irradiates herself to cool the core. He dies protecting her, but it was enough.

Everyone is running to get inside of the beams. With Hannah at the controls, it begins. Deacon is left behind.

They're at the Emerson Hotel. Right back in NYC.

They don't have enough power to get the splinter up and running again. It's broken. Cole wants to go back to the place they just left to see if the extra they left behind is smashed or they can get it for parts.

Jennifer looks like a friggin' superhero from the Matrix. She's on a quest to steal something from a museum, smoking e-cigarettes. It's a museum of Uroborus pieces. This is one of the very best scenes they've ever done with Jennifer. Simply outstanding from the beginning to the shocking ending.

She gets the weapon, and has been seeing the history of it in her head.

Hannah has been following Cole, and when they get to the facility, they discover they didn't just move it, they went back in time. To the beginning.


12 Monkeys
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12 Monkeys Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

We may have saved Athan's soul, but I am losing mine.


Deacon: Yeah, you can throw blame around all you like, but your boy...
Cole: Athan wasn't the Witness. It's always been Olivia. And right now we need to be ready. She knows where we are and she knows when we are.
Deacon: Jesus Christ. How much time do we have?