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Caroline and Max have different ideas of how to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Max shows Caroline her world, full of green beer, drunk people and craziness. After getting kissed by a smelly guy, nearly puked on by a drunk girl and getting caught literally with her pants down behind a float, Caroline has enough. Taking Max to her old haunt, the two try to enjoy fancy drinks at the Plaza, but soon Caroline realizes her old life wasn't nearly as fun as she thought. So the two return to the bar and join their friends for some good old fashioned St. Patty's Day fun. 

2 Broke Girls
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2 Broke Girls Season 3 Episode 19 Quotes

I’ve hit some very low points today, but I’m not about to pee through a paper penis in public.


Caroline: Max, we haven't been so busy since someone spray painted "free sex stuff" on the wall outside.
Max: And you said I'm not good at marketing