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It’s spring cleaning time at the diner and Han asks everyone to help out, but of course no one volunteers. Nicholas drops in to see Caroline, but she refuses to have anything to do with him and claims the only way he can go out with her is if he leaves his wife. When Nicholas finally finds her, everyone is shocked to hear that is precisely what he’s planning to do.

Caroline panics because she never meant for Nicholas to actually leave his wife. She goes to his place, with Max for back-up of course, and tells him that there is nothing between them and he can’t leave his wife. The plan would’ve worked, except for the fact that the wife was coming home at just that moment.

Max and Caroline are forced to escape through the bathroom window, but a hail storm nearly sends them both over the ledge and they fall through a window right at Nicholas’ wife’s feet. Nicholas may have no choice about staying with his wife now.

2 Broke Girls
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2 Broke Girls Season 3 Episode 18 Quotes

Max, where's you Deke? In my pants where it always is.


Max: I'd say the only mystery is who here gets laid the least.
Han: Hello.
Max: Cracked it, Watson!