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Rebecca managed to get the override from Keith, but he didn't want to give it to her. her arguments about being with her husband and getting back to her life were unconvincing.

Eric is still out there trying to find Ben when Ben calls for his $2 million. Why so little? Because that's all he can carry.

Nicole is worried about Isaac. It's OK. He's got a deal with the Dominicans about to go down.

Eric calls Isaac for money. When Eric decides to go to the police evidence locker to get $4 million, Isaac takes a moment to talk sweetly with his brother about what Nicole has shared.

A dude named Jad is being told the mission failed. He doesn't like to be told he failed, nor have his fighting tactics compared to his dad, who was directing operations from caves while Jad was attending Oxford.

Amira tries to explain how she's just lonely in an attempt to throw Drew off of the scent.

If a high school principal got wind of Amira's texts, that place would be swarmed.

Eric finally admits he should have benched Grimes before the raid because he was spouting about conspiracies and such.

Carter's plan is to get inside the jail by being a black man and getting arrested. But then he says he'll call her when eh's inside. How will that work?

Oh. He takes the gun from the cops. This isn't how this was supposed to go down.

John arrives at the fundraiser. Henry wants to talk to him in the library after John does his fundraising.

Aisha is trouble.

Henry has a commercial that was put together by the opposition. Nilaa, his right hand man.

Kasuma discovers his life is over. He puts a gun to Chad's head and surprisingly lives to work another day.

amira is discovering being a terror leader isn't all it was cracked up to be.

The teacher is a total perv, and that's how Amira recruited him. When Drew walks in on Amira blowing him to keep him in line, Drew goes nuts.

So does teacher. He kills Drew.

John decides not to fire Nilaa, because he believes her that she at the Parkside Mosque to give them a piece of her mind.

When the captain of the police station wants the cops to step away from Eric, Eric busts a move.

Ariana talks with Agent Locke. She thinks Andy lied about Mullins. She's been trying to find him for 45 minutes.

Andy gets a lock on who tracked the unit. It was from John's campaign office. With director level credentials. And it was Rebecca's credentials!


Oh no, Mullins is free, the operation is shut down. Eric is stuck in the evidence locker!

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