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While Keith interrogates Tony, an entire SWAT team closes in on Carter at the police station. His plan seems to be to blow a hole through the cinder block wall using the bomb vests. Of course, he asked about a cinder block wall, and then wrapped the vest onto a different part of the wall. That's OK. It happens.

The good cop helped him out. The angry cop is still strapped to the cage. Carter told the truth, but it sounded ludicrous, as it would.

They are foiled, of course. Carter uses the poor dude as a hostage, gun to the head, and just in time, Rebecca calls through. Keith isn't the leak. Whew!

Carter thanks the good cop with a half smile and a nod and sneers at the bad cop before moving on.

Rebecca is sure Nilaa is the leak and wants to be the one to bring her in. Keith has to remind her, again, that she doesn't work there anymore. She insists and he allows it.

Tony was dating hottie mchotterson and they just ended things. Hottie apologizes.

Isaac aights a few things to Aisha and she almost clues him into what she's put into motion on the streets. Nicole can read her but doesn't say much.

John trusts Nilaa, while Henry thinks optimism is his son's greatest gift and not the voters.

Rebecca calls in to say Secret Service is sequestering Nilaa as they speak and to stay away from her until she gets there. Please.

Nicole grabs a cell phone and sees a call to Julian Royo. Just then Eric calls. He promises things will be different going forward. They love each other.

Nicole tells Eric Aisha is up to something. She's worried about Isaac. So in the midst of all this, Eric will have to deal with that, too.

Locke is there to assist Carter. Carter doesn't find him as hot as the rest of us. Ah. His concern is that Ben leaves the operation alive. Locke says that's up to Ben.

Amira's brother is worried about things at the school. Whatever they're doing, they cannot do without the teacher. But he knows killing someone for the first time is difficult. Uh, yeah. Poor dude is on the floor.

John is crushed about Nilaa. She went from volunteering at the phone banks to running his campaign.

Rebecca goes in to talk with Nilaa wearing her best CTU face. Nilaa has an alibi.

The science guy is interrupted and the dead guy walks. Um. That was unexpected.

Grimes is riding the metro, leading Carter to the drive.

Whoa. Henry is the leak. WTF?

Grimes is assuring Carter he had no other choice but to get the money so he could leave and go to some place with glacier water. Eric is feeling a little bit disillusioned about his brotherhood.

Ben gets the list, but there are hostiles everywhere. This didn't go as planned and Ben isn't going to be soaking in glacier water anytime soon.

The list is gone and Ben is in custody.

Hostiles go and a train comes by, but Carter gets out in time to have eyes on the suckers.Nobody knows he's out there, but even being mowed down in the street doesn't stop him from trying to keep eyes on them.

24: Legacy
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24: Legacy Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Luis: My guy was able to hack the ATM camera, change the time stamp. Rebecca's already pulled the footage. And she has a record that Nilaa was at campaign headquarters when the file was breached.
Henry: And there are no other cameras, there's no other way that CTU can confirm CTU's story?
Luis: I went over the route myself, twice. CTU won't be able to trace the leak back to you.
Henry: That's what you said the first time.

John: Why would she do that?
Rebecca: I'm not sure yet. But the upshot is that she may be facilitating a terrorist attack on domestic soil.