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President Heller is alive. Jack had Chloe hack into the video feed to make it look like he had died. Ian figures it out after they've destroyed five drones but they keep the sixth and send it to bomb Waterloo Station.

Chloe enlists Adrian's help to track down Margot's signal. Jack, Kate and Eric arrive. Jack kills Ian, then stops the drone, then throws a handcuffed Margot out the window to her death.

Audrey declares her gratefulness to Jack for saving her father. 

Jordan and the hit man are found dead. Kate fingerprints the hitman and Jack's contact finds out that Navarro was his handler. 

Navarro makes a run for it and takes the drone override device to give to Adrian in return for helping him escape.

Chloe calls Jack to say goodbye. She goes back to Adrian and it becomes obvious that the two are lovers. 

24: Live Another Day
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