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We're inside CTU when this episode begins. Renee is distraught that they can't find Jack, as Hastings has ordered a psych evaluation for her.

Meanwhile, Dana is on the phone with Kevin, who is celebrating his big score at a strip club. He says he likes this arrangement and won't leave her alone as initially promised. Dana hangs up the phone, very upset, and Arlo is there. He thinks she's having an affair.

We got to the main, evil Russian dude's lair, where Jack continues to say he's a German arms dealer, but the bad guys are suspcious that he's a cop because he knows about the nuclear materials. Jack denies this, of course, which means one thing: time to torture him! He withstands the electric shocks, though, and remains silent. As he does, the evil Russian dude (Sergei) is upstairs, telling Farhard that the fuel rod shipment has been delayed until they can figure out Jack's deal. This pisses Farhad off, which leads to his exit from the lair. Sergei tells his son, Josef, to make sure Farhard leaves and gets to the meeting spot with his Middle Eastern men.

While this is happening, Jack breaks free! He kills the dude torturing him and gets a gun and takes out everyone else. He knocks Sergei out with a table and calls CTU.

Things still aren't great there, though, as Dana tries to tell Cole about her past, but can't go through with it. She leaves instead and when Cole asks where she went, Arlo shows him video of her and Kevin in the parking lot. Cole leaves for his mission - to gather the nuclear materials from the truck rest stop where Sergei says they are, after he's granted immunity from the President - quite distraught.

Everyone will soon feel the same way because... the materials aren't there! Turns out Josef double crossed his father and made his own deal with Farhad. He's now driving the truck with the fuel rods in there, on his way to meet the man with the best hair in the Middle East.

We also close the episode with a shot of Dana: she's sitting outside the strip clob, spying on Kevin, with a gun in her hand.

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