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Chloe and Arlo came around to Jack's side this week, as they realized that Jason Pillar and his pretty assistant are part of the great cover-up and wish to kill Jack.

They came to this realization when a call between Jack and reporter Meredith Reed was flagged for the key words Jack used on it. But did Pillar gather CTU agents to go bring Bauer in (he made plans to meet up with Reed in a shopping mall and give her Dana's video evidence)? No. He slinked away to his office and called in Russian dude Pavel to take Bauer out. He's the guy that killed Renee and who Jack saw on the video as one of the men behind Hassan's murder.

Jack also has to confide in Michael Madsen's Jim in order to get his full help.

Together, Jim and Jack met up with Meredith and took down the Russian operatives sent in to kill him. Jack saw it all coming and escaped with Pavel. Pillar phoned Logan when this development took place and said he should distance himself from the peace treaty because it's all gone to Hell. Logan said this would be difficult because the White House press secretary was about to tell everyone about his help with the signing.

Over in a warehouse, Meredith watched the video evidence while Jack tortured Pavel. A LOT. But Pavel would not break. He wouldn't give away the name of his Russian boss. Jack finally realized that Pavel swallowed the sim card from his own phone, so what did he naturally do next? Cut it out of Pavel's stomach, of course!

He placed it back in the phone and dialed the last number. Logan's voicemail picked up. That son of a bitch!

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