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On this week's episode, Jack was faced with a dilemma: How does he stop Marcos, the suicide bombed locked inside the hospital's oxygen chamber, from blowing himself up? The solution:

Bring Marcos' mother in to plead with her child. This course of action does cause Marcos to show a human, sensitive side - but he apologizes to his mother and says he must go through with his mission. He can't be taken alive.

However, after his crying mother is taken away by CTU, Jack returns to the intercom and says he'll bring Marcos' mother down to the blast site if the nuclear bomb actually goes off in NYC. He implores Marcos to "Look into my eyes!" to see if he's joking. Marcos believes him. He leaves the chamber, but the bad guys have been watching this whole time and have activiated a fail safe. Jack cannot disarm the bomb before the timer goes off, but he can at least get Marcos to give him a name of someone in the terrorist cell:

Tarin, Hassan's head of security.

And where is Tarin at the moment? In a hotel room with Hassan's daughter. Mrs. Hassan relays the information to her daughter than Tarin is a bad man, which prompts her to lock herself in the hotel's bathroom. Tarin seems suspicious of his girlfriend's behavior as the episode ends.

In atrocious B storyline news: Dana receives a call from Kevin's parole officer, who says he can't locate Kevin and has some questions for her. He sounds shady, but what can Dana do? She agrees to meet with him. Sigh.

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