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The EMP has rendered CTU useless – the mainframe is fried, the drones are flying blind and the radiological scanners are down.

Hastings tries to maintain order, and has to deal with Frank Hanum, a pushy NSA agent who arrives to help get CTU back online. In the chaos, Chloe cannot get Hastings to send men after Jack, or Hanum to listen to her on the best method to restore CTU’s server room systems.

She calls Renee to fill her in on the situation; Renee says that she is going to go look for Jack and tells Chloe to make people listen to her. Chloe takes the message to heart and pulls a gun on the NSA agents to force them from the server room. She convinces Hastings to let her try her method, which works, bringing CTU back online.

Dana confronts Mr. Prady and tells him that the EMP has erased the surveillance footage he was looking for. Prady goes behind her back and sets up a meeting with Hastings. While Prady waits for Hastings, Dana confronts him again. When he tells her that he knows she was involved in the robbery, she attacks him and chokes him to death with her belt before hiding his body in an air conditioning duct.

Jack contacts the NSA to shut down the bridges and tunnels into Manhattan, but Samir plans on smuggling the nuclear rods into Manhattan via the East River. Jack, Cole, Owen and a fourth agent head to the river and engage the terrorists in a firefight, but Samir and Tarin are able to escape with the rods.

The CTU agents cannot call for backup because the terrorists jam their radios. Owen and the fourth agent are killed and Jack is shot, but Renee arrives in time to kill the remaining terrorists. Cole warns CTU about the Manhattan-bound rods.

As the episode ends, Dana, having just done away with Mr. Prady, picks up her phone and calls Samir, revealing herself to be a mole working inside CTU for the terrorists. She warns that her cover may not last much longer, but that she will help Samir get the nuclear rods into Manhattan.

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