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Before we get to this week's main plot (Renee's infiltration of the Russian mob), let's review the two lesser developments:

First, Kevin summons Dana to come home or - you know the drill - he'll expose her past as Jenny Scott. When she arrives, some other dude is at her apartment, Kevin has turned violent (he slaps her) and he has a request: use her CTU connections to get him a lot of money. Break into some bank or whatever, get him at least six figures and he'll be out of her life.

This will result in yet another CTU agent acting in his/her own interests at work and raising suspicions, as happens every season, but at least it gives this storyline a point/goal. It was getting old to just have Kevin constantly threatening to out Dana as Jenny.

Also, we got to know the sons of the Russian dude with the uranium rods a lot better. The one played by David Anders couldn't stand to see his brother dying of radiation poisoning. Therefore, he took him to a doctor and told the doctor to help - or he'd have the doctor's family killed.

Meanwhile, Hassan reacted to his brother's betrayal by having security forces at home round up anyone involved in the plot against him. It may have been necessary for national security, but it casued a problem for President Taylor: as she told Hassan, she couldn't be signing a peace treaty with a man that was acting so unpeaceful in his own country. When Hassan went to his wife for help, and assured her his affair with the reporter was over, she left.

Finally, we get to Renee. She comes face to face with Vladimir, who Jack (in the car outside, listening via earpiece) learns abused Renee pretty badly during her old undercover days. Does she have a death wish? Does she not care what happens to her, especially if it means she can kill Vlad in the process?

It seems that way, as Vladimir tosses her in the trunk and drives her out by the water. He casually kills the dude whose hand she chopped off last week and points the gun at Renee. Jack can hear all of this, of course. He listens as Renee tells what seems to be both a true story and one that helps Vlad buy her cover: she doesn't care if she dies. She has nothing to live for but this deal. Go ahead and shoot Vladimir. SHOOT!

But this is enough to convince Vlad that she's serious. He's now ready to talk. The episode ends with Jack, aghast at what just transpired, telling CTU to stand down with any plan to interfere. Renee is in.

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