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How did 24 end its iconic run? Here's a rundown of events from the finale...

- Jack infiltrated the UN by taking Pillar hostage. He spared this traitor's life, but he set up shop in range of killing the Russian President. When Chloe and Cole learned of Jack's whereabouts, the former went there to talk him down. She said they could use the evidence he had recorded on the conversations with Logan to ensure justice, but Jack wasn't having it. Eventually, Chloe convinced him, but Jack insisted she actually shoot him. Otherwise, people would think they were acting together. When Jack threatented to shoot himself, Chloe obeyed. She took him down with a shot to the shoulder.

- Jack was taken away in an ambulance, while Chloe snuck the recording to Cole.

- Meanwhile, Dalia learned from her daugher that Meredith Reed had called about the Russian involvement. She took this to the President. Taylor had no choice but to acknowlege what she knew, which led to Dalia refusing to sign the peace treaty. But Taylor got tough and said she better to so; otherwise, she'd release information about the IRK and attack that country with nuclear weapons.

- Dalia relented, but after Jack was shot and taken away, a recording was found on the scene he had made. Taylor watched it, it focused on justice and she realized the error in her ways. At the last second, she refused to sign the treaty. She went over to Logan's office to demand that he take off the hit on Jack (which she had earlier agreed to because it was still dangerous for him to be alive). But Logan lost it, wanting revenge on Bauer. He shot Pillar and then shot himself.

- We're then taken to a lot where an agent is about to shoot Jack, after ambushing the latter ambulance. But CTU drones zero in on their location and Taylor is able to place a phone call. She orders the men to stand down. She apologizes to Jack. She says he better leave the country because Russian and American forces will both be after him. After she hangs up, Jack has an emotional goodbye with Chloe. She says she'll try to stall the government so Jack can flee. He thanks her... for everything. And then he's off.

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