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Everyone, even Liz Lemon, looks great in a Slanket.

Salma Hayek's return to 30 Rock was inevitable, but no one knew just when it was going to happen. It was also inevitable that her character would have to be written off somehow.

That has officially been solved by having Elisa having a dark secret about killing her ex-husband because he cheated on her.

As for the storyline involving Jenna, it actually ended twice, once with Kenneth faking his death, and then again when he got sick on purpose for Jenna (that's more like it, Ken).

Jenna's story line was set up by Lutz getting injured by the falling TV, but then this was completely dropped from the episode.

Jenna's paramedic looked as though he might be ready to turn into a regular boyfriend for her for a bunch of episodes, but perhaps the show isn't going there though.

All in all, a solid episode.

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Really? That's your guess? I'm a man?


You're wise, Liz Lemon. Like a genetically-manipulated shark.