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In the opening minutes of 30 Rock's fourth season - while dining at a posh restaurant called Season 4 - Jack Donaghy threw down the gauntlet to Tracy, Jenna and Liz.

Struggling in the ratings, TGS would have to make some serious efforts to appeal to the “real America.” Of course, Liz is skeptical of this very concept, saying all America is real.

Jack says he'll get the people in Middle America to watch their leftist propaganda hour yet!

Jenna is all too happy to comply and decides to "go country," recording a cheesy anthem for NBC Sports. It’s kind of funny, but Jenna has never and will never be the focal point of the show.

Meanwhile, Liz and Pete are secretly on the hunt for a new cast member, one who might widen the show’s limited appeal to anyone outside New York City.

With his jokes about eating lobster in St. Bart’s falling flat, Tracy decides he needs to get back to his roots.

To that end, he tries to befriend a maintenance guy who lives in Brooklyn, but it goes wrong when he asks “My dear friend Moby just opened a tea house in Park Slope. Do you know him?”

Funny stuff, albeit not exactly a joke that everyone will get.

Finally, good old Kenneth Parcell decides to go on strike when he finds out that Jack is collecting a fat bonus while denying overtime to the pages.

Jack quickly realizes that the company can’t run without the pages, and he agrees to Kenneth’s extremely demanding demands — writing “I am a big old liar” on a piece of paper.

Even for 30 Rock, it was pretty mediocre. But we have little doubt that better things are to come before long.

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30 Rock Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

My dear friend Moby just opened a tea house in Park Slope. Do you know him?


We'll trick those race car-loving wide loads into loving your, watching your lefty homoerotic propaganda hour yet!