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Frank is gross. The hats, tank tops, porn, belching, etc. But urinating into jars in his office? Wow. The great thing? It eventually helps the earth! It's Green Week!

Liz is trying to make a step in the right direction in her life, actually taking Jack's advice and buying another apartment in her building.

Moreover, Liz has actually saved some of her Dealbreakers money, so maybe she actually is beginning to learn something after all.

Sure, she had to go to extreme lengths to get rid of sudden roommate Brian, but still. Clueless Liz? Get lost (for 30 seconds)!

Meanwhile, Jack was lost and wondering what to do (with his vasectomy).

Elsewhere, Tracy and Tracy Jr. had some amazing lines, while Dr. Spaceman played a big role and the show itself took a couple of digs at NBC's Green Week, so there's little complaining to be done.

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30 Rock Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Global warming? Sorry, sir, that's just scientist talk. The same people who say my grandfather was a monkey. If that's true, why was he killed by a monkey?


I can't afford this place by myself, and judging from your shoes and teeth, you can't either.