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This week 30 Rock was transformed into Queen of Jordan, the reality show starring Tracy's wife Angie.  As the cameras followed around Angie, her friends, and the crew at TGS, we were treated plenty of antics from characters new and old.

Liz tries to get Angie to bring Tracy back from Africa so that TGS can go on, but she's too busy with all of her new projects.  Then Angie finally admits to Liz that she misses Tracy and has asked him to come home but he won't.

A famous school teacher turned sex offender is getting out of prison, and it turns out Frank was the kid she had relations with.  They meet back up and although at first she doesn't like the man he turned into, she then gives in to his love.

Jenna hams it up to the cameras to get all the attention she can, and when she calls for a fake intervention for her fake alcoholism, Pete tries to send her away for real.  Meanwhile Jack tries to make sure he looks athletic on tv, but ends up just making it seem like he's gay.

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30 Rock Season 5 Episode 17 Quotes

For the first time in six months we beat all the Music Choice channels except of course, Latin Beats.


Don't tell me I can't sing. What the fuck have you ever done? Who the fuck are the Beatles?