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TGS is ending for the summer and Liz just wants to relax.  Unfortunately, Tracy buys all the land around her summer home.  She solves her problem by taking a cue from the writers and blows herself up.  She let's herself get arrested so she can end up on a chain gang for the summer.

Jenna is now the spokeswoman or wool so she needs to be normal.  This is difficult with her cross-dressing boyfriend Paul, but he attempts to be normal for the wool guy.  It takes too much out of the two of them, and they go back to being weird.

Jack misses Avery so he enlists Kenneth to take her place.  Jack makes him dinner, serves him wine, and makes him put on Avery's earrings.  Kenneth then convinces him to stop spending time with a fake wife, and start spending time with his real daughter.

30 Rock
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30 Rock Season 5 Episode 23 Quotes

Looks like you could use a little R & R...rum and ritalin.

Dr. Spaceman

Alright. Now that the popsicle's melted we've got ourselves a tongue depressor.

Dr. Spaceman