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Manny explains that he came back from 2064. He spent two years in the future. He tells Jharrel that after 40 years, the state of the world has deteriorated significantly in every way. Jharrel doesn’t want people to die, but Manny insists it’s the only way.

FLASHBACK/FORWARD: A woman welcomes Manny to 2062, introducing herself as Dr. Amber Campbell. They are still in Detroit — Michigan is a climate haven now, and the population has exploded.

She explains that Manny was instrumental in their work but always died before it could be completed. They chose Manny from 2020 because he was full of hope and understanding. Dr. Campbell is the head of a team of scientists positioning people in time.

The technology has limitations. She tells Manny they hope to change the world and need him. Incremental change doesn’t work — it has to be big.

Back at the Bois Blanc, the 4400 inside try to form a barricade with hotel furniture to keep the rioters out. Mildred uses her powers to block the doors with giant marble pillars.

Andre is welcomed to the mansion of Sienna Stone, head of BHN.

Agent Tanner and Bill Greene discuss the riot. Agent Tanner wants the government to step in. Bill Greene doesn’t want to violate the sanctuary and notes that the rioters have permits. He believes the 4400 need to be governed, and this will prove that.

Agent Tanner asks him how many casualties there must be before they intervene. Keisha phones Jessica.

The 4400 want to go out the back tunnel, but someone says it caved in. They are all trapped in the Bois Blanc. Everyone decides to take cover in the hotel rooms.

The rioters break through Mildred’s barricade, thanks to Millicent with her metal fists. The rioters grab whoever they can find, restraining them. Mildred, Logan and Hayden run off together.

One of the rioters grabs Shanice. She sees his memory — they intend to kill any of the 4400 they can round up. A woman puts a hood over Keisha’s head and drags her away.

In the elevator, LaDonna reveals herself and Claudette as the women who grabbed Shanice and Keisha — thanks to LaDonna’s powers. The four of them are safe together.

LaDonna is ready to make the protestors suffer for what they have done. Keisha tries to talk LaDonna down. Keisha asks LaDonna to illusion them again so that Keisha can escape and get help.

Manny tells Jharrel that many will not survive the day. Manny hopes that the ones that do will take control and lead the country. Jharrel unlocks himself, cuffs Manny to the radiator, and runs out of the room.

Shanice finds Mildred and tells her that the rioters intend to turn on Millicent. Mildred doesn’t want to give up on her sister and decides to go off in search of her.

Shanice, Logan, and Hayden barricade themselves into a hotel room. Logan is bleeding. Shanice looks at his back — he is badly scraped up.

Mildred runs through the halls. Ken and the other former security guards find her and draw their weapons. Mildred asks them to take her to Millicent. They put a hood over her head and restrain her.

Claudette heads down to the basement bar, where she finds Renee. The tunnel has not actually caved in at all. Jharrel comes down. Claudette knocks Renee out with a baseball bat. Renee has a bomb, which Claudette recognizes as the type Manny taught her and the others how to make. Manny planned to blow up the Bois Blanc with everyone in it. Claudette disables the bomb.

Shanice keeps trying to phone Andre but cannot get through. She gets a call from Mariah. Shanice tells Mariah that she, Logan, and Hayden are safe.

Mariah recognizes that they are in danger and coaches them on what they need to do to keep safe, using knowledge from active shooter drills at school. They must put their phones on silent. They must not stand near the door. They should hang up.

Logan tells Mariah that he is proud of her. Shanice and Logan tell Mariah they love her, and she tells them the same. They all hang up.

Andre notices that his cellphone has no service where he is. He wants supplies for his research. The host checks his ZMT level using a glass disk. It’s at 26. Andre asks how they possess ZMT technology. The host asks about his power manifesting.

Keisha finds Agent Tanner and asks why the government is not helping. Keisha demands they call in the National Guard.

Claudette and Jharrel confront Manny about the bombs. Manny tells them Claudette wasn’t ready for the entire truth, and nobody was ever safe at the Bois Blanc. Manny insists that this is how they do the most good. 

Manny explains that their current world is inhabitable. He says they’ve done the bare minimum — he insists on painful, harsh sacrifices. Claudette says he’s talking about a massacre. He says it’s the only way. Renee shows up and chokes Claudette. Claudette collapses to the ground.

At the protestors’ base, Ken and the other security guards have Millicent, Mildred, and other 4400 restrained.

LaDonna, in her illusion disguise, grabs a megaphone.

The protestors take Millicent and put her in front of a bullseye, preparing to execute her. LaDonna creates the image of a giant iguana dancing to Dua Lipa’s “Levitating,” which she plays through the megaphone.

Steve is actually on the 4400’s side. He releases Mildred and Ji-Yeun. Ken pulls out his gun, but Mildred knocks it out of his hands with her powers. The 4400 are free and outnumber the security guards.

Mildred rescues Millicent while the protestors are distracted by the giant dancing iguana. Mildred says she can get all the 4400 out safely. Millicent says she can’t go with her and runs away. Mildred runs back and gets the other 4400 out.

Claudette and Jharrel are now chained to the radiator. Manny is gone. Claudette considers breaking her hand to get free. Jharrel and Claudette discuss what they’ll do when this is all over. They kiss.

Claudette pulls her hand free, breaking her bones, which quickly heal. Claudette gets them both free of the radiator, and they run out.

Keisha comes back in through the tunnel. She sees Manny and draws her gun on him.

In the hotel hallway, rioters grab Claudette and put a knife to her throat. Keisha tells Manny the National Guard is coming.

FLASHBACK/FORWARD: In the future, the scientists are working with a giant green sphere of light. Manny gets up close. Dr. Campbell tells him 4400 subjects are currently in trial. She warns him not to go in. Manny jumps into the sphere, determined to make things right.

Shanice and Hayden tend to Logan, who is looking bad. Logan tells Hayden how special he is and asks him to take care of Mariah. Shanice begs him to hold on. She says she never wanted to leave him and says she loves him.

Manny tells Keisha that she won’t kill him — she doesn’t know him. He turns invisible, and she shoots. She shoots again, and he reappears, lying wounded on the ground.

Claudette kicks her attacker. Jharrel grabs the knife and stabs the attacker through Claudette’s shoulder. Claudette heals herself as she and Jharrel run off.

Shanice insists on going to get help. Hayden looks up and grabs Logan. A green light appears and pulls Logan and Hayden away right in front of Shanice.

A green light appears and pulls Manny away, right in front of Keisha. Jharrel and Claudette appear. Jharrel sees the blood on the ground. Keisha apologizes to Jharrel.

The 4400 confront the protestors. Ji-Yeun’s light immobilizes them. Mildred raises pieces of debris to hold them back. An announcement rings out — the National Guard has arrived.

After things have settled, LaDonna and Mildred chat. Mildred is content with how it went with Millicent. She says Bill Greene was even in contact, asking if she or the 4400 wanted anything. Mildred worries about the conservatorships being reinstated.

LaDonna says she is thinking of reaching out to Sienna Stone and embracing her power as a leader.

Andre returns to the Bois Blanc and finds Shanice. Shanice is packing. Andre apologizes for being absent, but he had no cellphone signal at the mansion. Shanice explains that Bridget is stranded out of town, and therefore Shanice needs to get to Mariah. She tells him that the green light took Logan.

Andre reminds her that they still don’t know what the green light means. Shanice asks Andre if BHN offered him anything. He says no, and asks how he can help. She says she needs to get away from everything to do with the 4400. Shanice kisses Andre on the cheek, thanks him for everything he’s done for her, and leaves.

FLASHBACK: Andre meets Sienna Stone, who is actually Dr. Campbell, in a large empty warehouse. She tells him there will be a time machine in here soon. She tells him a stowaway helped destroy the tower.

Andre wants to know why she brought him to this place. Dr. Campbell offers him a job — to help build the time machine. If he accepts, he cannot tell anyone about it. She tells him to take the night to think about it.

After meeting with Shanice, Andre returns to the mansion to work with Sienna/Dr. Campbell. He asks if she’s from the future. She explains the hotel attack always ended poorly for him, and he realizes that is why she kept him waiting at the mansion for so long.

Keisha visits Agent Tanner. Agent Tanner has been fired. Keisha is upset about what she has done and hugs Agent Tanner.

At the apartment, Claudette and Jharrel drink some tea and talk about Manny. They are both relieved that the National Guard arrived in time. Claudette thinks Manny was right — the government barely did anything, and now everything is “back to normal.” Jharrel doesn’t agree.

Manny returns with take-out. He’s confused that Jharrel has a girl there as he’s only been gone half an hour. Manny is confused that his apartment has changed so much. He appears to have no memory of the events that have transpired.

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Guilt flows freely into an open wound.