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Anti-4400 fanatics drive with LaDonna in the back.

Jharrel heads down into the hotel basement to see Manny. Manny makes himself visible. Manny tells Jharrel about his experience as 4400 --arriving in Belle Isle and discovering his powers.

Jharrel asks why Manny was so mysterious with his many ciphers. Manny says he had to hide from the government, and Manny was working with the feds, so it was a way to make sure he could trust Jharrel.

Manny says an anti-4400 presence is building through an online forum. Manny wants to encourage all the 400 to return to the Bois Blanc to be safe.

Shanice and the Rev talk about BHN, the company "sponsoring" the 4400, and how it's run by a woman who just wants to build sustainable communities.

Ji-Yeun returns with an older man and asks the Rev about his power. Ji-Yeun wants to be rid of her power (she can glow) and asks if the Rev can actually remove her power.

Ji-Yeun also asks if he will officiate a wedding ceremony between her and Harold -- her partner from 30 years earlier when she disappeared. Rev agrees on both counts. Ji-Yeun asks for Shanice's help planning the wedding.

A man in an American flag shirt asks to see Andre. Andre doesn't recognize the man, but LaDonna reveals that it's actually her. Andre is delighted to see her but notes that some people are posing as 4400 who are trying to infiltrate the Bois Blanc claiming sanctuary.

FLASHBACK: LaDonna is with her father, working on model trains. Kevin Wellington comes up on the radio. LaDonna remarks that he is racist and anti-immigrant, but her father says he makes some good points. LaDonna turns the television on so that they can watch the "Meet the 4400" special.

Her father insists it's all fake, but LaDonna assures him it is not. They watch Mildred tossing Greene out the window. LaDonna's father takes her phone and leaves, locking her in.

Manny and Jharrel continue to hang out in the basement bar. Jharrel is on the phone, asking if Mildred and Claudette are interested in returning to the Bois Blanc. Manny asks Jharrel about Carla. Jharrel confesses that he was a lousy partner to Carla when Manny was missing.

The Rev shows up, asking Jharrel to get a marriage license for Ji-Yeun and Howard. Manny introduces himself as Jorge, a 4400 supporter, and shakes hands with the Rev. The Rev departs. Manny realizes he can no longer turn invisible.

LaDonna finds Shanice, who is very busy with everything. LaDonna asks for a room. Shanice says she might have to deal with a roommate, but LaDonna is fine with that. LaDonna asks where all the money has come from. Shanice explains about BHN.

FLASHBACK: LaDonna's father returns, no longer believing that LaDonna is his daughter. He thinks she is an imposter. LaDonna tries to convince him, recounting an old memory of when they went to a butterfly enclosure at the botanical gardens. A butterfly appears, and he swats it away. He insists that she isn't human and leaves her alone again.

Hayden teaches Logan chess. Hayden asks about a job offer Logan had that fell through. Hayden wonders if it's because of him. Hayden says he feels safe and belongs at home with Logan, Bridget, and Mariah.

Andre and LaDonna head downstairs. Andre tells LaDonna about the ZMT in their blood. Sensing her sadness, he says he'll listen if she needs to talk about anything. They hear a clinking of glasses behind the bar. It's Manny. He starts to lie about being Jorge but then comes clean that he is Manny, Jharrel's brother.

They ask him about ZMT. Manny tells them that ZMT is why he is afraid for his life. He says the answers they want will hurt people, and they should let the ZMT thing go and forget they saw him.

Claudette arrives at the Bois Blanc and hugs Jharrel. Claudette doesn't want to stay in the hotel, but she says she'll bring Mildred. Claudette wonders why Jharrel is so happy, and he confesses to her that Manny is back. She wants to meet him.

Harold asks the Rev if he has contacted anyone from his past. The Rev says he has reached out to his son, Quincy, but hasn't heard back.

They see Mildred. Rev approaches Mildred and welcomes her. Mildred asks for her powers back. He hugs her. Mildred tries to use her powers again, but they still don't work.

Andre and LaDonna talk about Manny, agreeing that they don't trust him. LaDonna explains that there is a growing movement against the 4400. They are brainwashed and believe all kinds of crazy things, like the 4400 are iguanas who will eat their brains.

FLASHBACK: LaDonna's dad brings his veterinarian friend to do tests on her. LaDonna conjures an image of iguanas to scare them away.

Jharrel introduces manny to Claudette. She looks pretty suspicious of him, and as she leaves out the hidden back door, she calls him 'Jorge.'

FLASHBACK: Claudette sits on a bench in a park, reading "Black Power." Manny approaches Claudette and introduces himself as Jorge. He says he wants to help her make the most of her powers and train her. He gives her his card.

In the present, Jharrel has left to get the marriage license, and Manny goes after Claudette. Manny reminds her not to get distracted from the movement. She mentions that the Rev took away Mildred's powers. Manny realizes this is how he lost his invisibility. Manny tells Claudette to stay focused, even if it means not telling Jharrel the truth.

Andre tells Shanice about Manny, but mentions that it should be kept on the down-low. Shanice is still planning the wedding. Andre notes that it must be stirring up feelings for her. Shanice insists that she's just exhausted from everything. Andre offers to help and asks her to accompany him to the wedding.

Hayden and Logan play chess again. Hayden has a vision and pulls Logan to the ground just before someone throws a brick through their window. A note on the brick says they know a 4400 is being harbored in their home.

Jharrel and Claudette go out for drinks. Jharrel says he was always hard on Manny before his disappearance. Claudette urges Jharrel to be careful - Manny may be dealing with more than he's letting on.

FLASHBACK: Claudette and Manny are in a secret location where the resistance is gathered. He stabs her, and she talks the pain away. Manny tells her to go back and embrace her power. Manny tells her that he's not a 4400 -- he is on a different mission.

Logan brings Hayden back to the Bois Blanc. Mildred appears and hugs Hayden. She asks if they have come for the wedding and asks them to stay. Hayden is surprised to see Mildred. She tells him she missed him.

Soraya and Jharrel meet where they can't be overheard -- a bowling alley. He thanks her for helping him find Manny. She tells him that Manny's work was connected to ZMT and that the government is looking for Manny because he knows more about the 4400 than he's been letting on.

The Rev gathers with Harold, Ji-Yeun, and Shanice. The Rev strips Ji-Yeun of her green glow, and she hugs him. Shanice has Harold J-Yeun sign their marriage license.

At the reception, LaDonna and Mildred enjoy that they are now roomies. Mildred tells LaDonna she knows her sister Millicent is at Ypsi Med, and she is determined to find her.

Keisha arrives with the wedding cake. She says hi to Jharrel and asks to meet Manny.

Andre and Shanice enjoy a dance. Logan approaches, friendly with Andre. Andre goes to get drinks. Shanice and Logan chat. Shanice says life at the Bois Blanc has been a lot, but Logan encourages her. Their wedding song comes on ("We Belong Together"), and they dance.

Manny approaches the Rev privately, accusing the Rev of taking his powers. The Rev is confused, as 'Jorge' said he wasn't a 4400. Manny wants his powers back, but the Rev states that he doesn't know how to do that.

As Logan and Shanice dance, Shanice gets a sudden flash of Logan's memory. Panicking, she runs to Andre.

As LaDonna takes a photo of Ji-Yeun and Harold, Ji-Yeun starts to glow. Someone nearly knocks over the cake, but Mildred saves it with her powers.

The Rev lies on the floor, bleeding. Manny has stabbed him. As he wipes off the knife, Manny turns invisible again and leaves. Logan comes in to find the Rev on the ground.


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It just so happens that I have some hot tea to sip.

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I'm still your little butterfly.