The Drake's Halloween Gala
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On this week's episode of 666 Park Avenue…

The smoke turned person from the suitcase turns out to be the revival of Peter Kramer, a man who murdered his wife with a hatchet at the Drake in 1929. His wife had given her necklace to her daughter (now the little ghost girl), which happens to be the necklace that Jane has.

Henry has an interview about his heroic save and is introduced to Laurel, who seems interested in his political career.

Alexis tells Brian that she won't be a bother anymore.

Brian walks in on Louise and the doctor who is massaging her abs.

An unknown person threatens Gavin and attempts to run over Olivia.

The Dorans throw a Halloween party.

Peter chases Jane around the Drake trying to kill her. After striking the wall, the birds fly out and attack him. The hatchet along with one of his victims sinks into the floor and disappears.

Alexis tricks Brian into thinking the doctor is having an affair with Louise. Rather, Louise, who turns away the doctor's attempts, only seeks him because of her addiction to pills.

A red box that was hidden in Gavin's safe is stolen and the unknown person who stole it is threatened by Gavin.

666 Park Avenue
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666 Park Avenue Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Brian Alexis is gonna be at the party. Great.

Henry: Wow. It's like having your own fairy godmother.
Jane: Yeah, who let's herself in whenever she wants.