Henry Learns About Gavin
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On this episode of 666 Park Avenue…

The obituary writer, Anne, is being held captive by Kandinsky who threatens to kill her unless she reveals her source.

Jane is confronted by the ghostly apparition of a girl who warns her about the suitcase.

Jane discovers that Nona is the Drake's theif and convinces her to stop stealing.

Henry is accused of working with Gavin and that unless he helps the commissioner, they will destroy him.

At first, Henry believes the commissioner, and discovers a file on the Green Point Project as well as one on him and Jane.

Gavin knows that Henry was in his apartment. He convinces Anne to write a story about a corrupt commissioner in league with the mob and she won't have to worry about Kandinsky.

Nona warns Jane to keep Henry away from a dangerous man after she has a vision of a murder.

Kandinsky attempts to shoot the commissioner, but Henry saves him and stops the assassin. Anne is killed in the fray.

Henry agrees to trust Gavin.

The suitcase is opened and a black smoke comes out revealing a man.

666 Park Avenue
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666 Park Avenue Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Everybody in New York is in therapy, right?


This sounds like the beginning of a break-up speech.