Olivia's Painful Secret
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On this episode of 666 Park Avenue…

Jane thinks the Drake is haunted as she continues to hear whispers and see a dead girl trying to warn her.

An obituary writer's dreams of being successful become true after she makes up a story about a CIA operative. She is killed by her made up KGB agent.

Gavin convinces Jane to take out Olivia, as it is the anniversary of their daughter's death. Olivia burns her daughter's death note which says "He is evil."

Gavin convinces Henry to strive for big dreams beyond part of a mayoral council.

Henry manages to get a job from  Councilman Edwards, except Edwards had made a deal with Gavin all along. After telling Gavin he can't have the Green Point Towers project, Gavin pushes him down the elevator shaft.

Alexis continues to try and tempt Brian.

Jane discovers a case and brings it back to her room unknowing that something is trying to get out of it.

666 Park Avenue
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666 Park Avenue Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Louise: Without her I would be screwed.
Brian: That would be the idea.

We all have our own ways of dealing with loss.