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  • A man gets stuck in a window after he goes off on a rude worker in the drive thru
  • It's the twins birthday and they have a party for them. Charles' brother Julius shows up  unexpected.
  • Marjan talks to OWen about his anger management therapy and insists that he should still go to it even though he denies it and says he's done and fine.
  • Judd tries to talk to Tommy about how she handled things with Julius.
  • Al, the guy from the chicken nuggets who they had to use lard to get out of the drive thru window loses his temper again when a father at his son's wrestling match calls his son a name and he reacts.
  • they show up again to cut him out of the bleachers where he got stuck.
  • Owen suggests therapy again and the man agrees to go this time.
  • Tommy invites Julius over to talk and arrange things with the girls. They do talk and he reveals what really happened with Charles funeral.
  • They drink and she agrees to let him see the girls. They kiss out of comfort.
  • Owen meets up with Catherine for lunch and to apologize again. She says that he needs to see a therapist for his anger and he acts defensively so she puts off wanting to see him again until he gets his therapy.
  • Al and his wife and son are on their way to therapy when there is a road rage incident with someone who is drinking trying to run them off the road and another person has a gun.
  • It leads to a massive accident.
  • Al gets upset when they have to treat the drunk driver, and he takes the other man's gun and shoots the driver, killing him.
  • It shakes up everyone and Owen gives a big speech. He also realizes he should go to therapy and does to talk about his rage.
  • Tommy overhears Julius telling the girls about their father.
  • She offers to let Julius stay there in the guest room for as long as he's in town and to spend more time with them together because it's good to have Charles family around.
9-1-1: Lone Star
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9-1-1: Lone Star Season 3 Episode 14 Quotes

Mostly I can't talk about Charles without wanting to cry but right now all I feel is anger. Your brother was many things, the one thing that he wasn't, he wasn't a fool, except Julius when it came to you. You made him a fool. You're the only one who could do that.


Owen: As the kids say, today, I'm all Gucci.
Marjan: Are you?