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  • a woman runs over a knight who darts into the street
  • It's the same woman who hit her husband with the car the prior week
  • The fantasy world medieval place has a bunch of people who are sick
  • The gang goes to check on Paul but Marjan won't show up. They try to figure out who should make things right between them.
  • They call Mateo at the bar and ell him that his father is there and needs to be picked up. It's his former captain
  • Cap lost one of his men and is hungover. He has to give the eulogy.
  • Mateo offers to go to the service with him. In the middle of giving the Eulogy, Tatum forgot what he was saying and Mateo helps him. Tatum also forgets the uneral he's at.
  • He offers Mateo the job of Lieuntenat then forgets that he did it.
  • At a call, Tatum makes a choice that's about to risk lives. Mateo corrects him and Owen chooses to listen to Mateo. He's right in the end when the building gives out.
  • Mateo tells Owen about Tatum, and later he tells the department. Tatum understand and orgives him about it.
  • Judd and Mateo approach Marjan about reaching out to Paul and she tells him that he's been avoiding her. She blows up at Mateo about it
  • Judd and Owen take Paul to train for his test to prove that he's capable of keeping up with things.
  • Tommy is there too.
  • Paul headsto the official test to take it and Marjan shows up to support him along with the others. They make up.
  • He does the test, and his defibrillator kicks in and knocks him down. But he gets back up and completes everything anyway.
9-1-1: Lone Star
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9-1-1: Lone Star Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

He's smiling and he's been saying all the right things but in my opinion he's depressed and he needs his best friend. I know you two have been freezing each other out...


The last time I went through his door I had to kick it in. I'm not doing that again. This time he needs to open it.