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The team responds to a car accident that involves a bunch of hay. They get a woman out of her car after she broke her neck.

  • Mateo finds a foot and they realize that there is a cyclist victim. They're looking for a cyclist in a haystack
  • They find the cyclist.
  • TK talks to Carlos about his meetings and how he's gone to 90 in 90 days. He mentions Cooper who has been a support to him and who he's mentioned frequently. Carlos offers to attend sdome
  • He went out to dinner with Cooper and asked him to be his sponsor which surprises Carlos who also seems a bit jealous
  • Tommy is at her grief meeting and is talking with a friend Blanca about another widower who is attractive. Blanca tries to set Tommy and him up
  • Carlos wakes up in the middle of the night and TK is talking to Cooper on the phone
  • Catherine and Owen. Owen planned to spend the day with her, but she got a call and has to leave. Owen offers tot ake care of her cat and her ex has to drop him off.
  • OWen meets Patrick, Catherine's ex, who she claimed is an  uncanny similarity to him, and he's nowhere near ltike Owen. Mateo has to move out because he's allergic
  • Cooper stops by to pick TK up for their meeting and Carlos notices how attractive he is.
  • JUdd shows up with baby Charlie to talk to Owen and says thatCatherine may have daddy issues
  • Tommy getes Grace's help with what to wear on her date.
  • Tommyf reaks out and almost wants to back out because she feels like she's betraying Charles and not ready  but Grace gives her the advice she needs
  • The date goes well at first and Tommy thinks that she committed a faux pas bringing up Charles, but Morris reassures her and then somethingreminds him of his wife and he starts sobbing at the table.
  • Carlos is upset when TK comes home late again because he was out with Cooper and TK notices.They talk things out and TK explains that because Carlos hasn't experienced it, sometimes what he offers ins't enough, but he does all of this so he can make it home to him at night.
  • Tommy tells Grace about her date and that she felt good getting back out there again.
  • A young teen argues with his mother about their court custody situation and a parking garage and she has a freak accident that kills her right in front of him.
  • It's a hard case and Tommy reminds the boy that his mother knew that she loved him despite their fight and it trrigers TK.
  • TK looks through his photos of his mother and is down when Carlos comes home, bailing on his meeting.
  • Owen gets upset at Catherine when she returns home because of the possible daddy issue stuff is on the verge of breaking up with her when Patric comes back to pick up the cat.
  • It's a younger, more attractive, whatever Patrick who reveals that the man who dropped the cat off was his father.
  • Catherine breaks up with Owen when he makes an attempt to pass things off as a joke.
  • Carlos called Cooper and leaves the two of them to eat and talk while he heads out and gives them space.
9-1-1: Lone Star
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