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  • The Gun safe couple Grace helped before needs help when they go alien hunting and Caleb, the guy, gets caught in some barbwire.
  • They find out that Owen is an alien nerd when he's helping the kid calm down.
  • Judd is having a hard time trying to bond with Wyatt when they have nothing in common.
  • Tommy goes to grief counseling. She's having a hard time and feels like Charles in hunting her.
  • The girls think that their house is haunted after watching Ghostbusters.
  • Judd goes to Owen for help on setting up an alien exurscion for Judd and Wyatt.
  • TNT go to a psychic who called them because her client had roundworms coming out of her nose. She almost dies, but they save her with the help of the paremeidcs and possible the prayers of the psychic. She tells Tommy that someone (Charles) is trying to contact her.
  • Judd and Owen find a body with radiation in the forest while alien hunting
  • they investigate it and find two bodies. The couple found something radioactive and used it to make sjewlwer they sold.
  • They have to track down the people who had it and save them.
  • Judd apologizes to Wyatt for not having the best weekend, but Wyatt tells him that it was perfect.
  • Tommy has the dinner for Charles and talks to him. She gets a sign that makes her feel better.
9-1-1: Lone Star
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9-1-1: Lone Star Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

I got a 17 year old Texas boy who doesn't eat meat and never fired a gun plugged outside of a game console, so that's about as alien as it gets to me.


He's gone, and I'm still here.