County Fair - 9-1-1: Lone Star
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An outbreak of what may be a mass food poisoning breaks out at a fair and Caleb, a young man trying to impress his girlfriend gets stuck naked in a portapotty that gets swept away during a storm.

TK is cranky because he's trying to get his wedding body in order and they find an ideal venue but it takes too long. Owen has a new motorcycle and Judd thinks something is wrong with him.

The dream venue opens up which means they can have the wedding in eight weeks but Carlos has reservations or something that he's been keeping from TK and his mother tells him that he needs to share it now.

A caller calls Grace to tell her that it's raining frogs and when he tries to give her more information, and frog falls into his throat and his daughter tells Grace about it.

Tommy gets the frog out of the guys throat and then it starts raining gorilla hail before clearing up.

Carlos shares that he's still technically married to his woman, his best friend, Michelle Blake's sister Iris who had schizophrenia and at first they thought Iris was dead and then Iris had schizophrenia and his healthcare insurance was helping her. They have eight weeeks to figure out everything. He hasn't spoken to Michelle or Iris in a while and feels guilty.

Owen has befriended some bikers and now is talking Judd into getting a bike and joining him even though he thinks Grace would hate it.

It turns out the frog incident happened before the mass food poisoning one and the same father and daughter are at the fair and get past by the guy who goes to the portapotty and gets stuck on a ride when the ride starts burning people

portapotty kid is stuck in a melting portapotty and tells Grace that he's sinking in it because of the backed up water.

Caleb the portapotty kid almost drowns but they finally find the portapotty in the dunk tank and get him out and revive him.

The father pushes his daughter off the ride so the squad can catch her and he falls after her. The tent rips after he lands.

Carlos goes looking for Michelle at the center and finds out she's on a mission in Ecuador for three months. But the guy tells him where to find Iris.

He finds her and she's helping others. She works at the center now and and is doing well mentally. she hugs him and then slaps him but then they talk and she says she has to meet TK before she signs the papers.

Judd joins Owen at his new biker club where they keep talking about patriotism and pride and induct some young kid obsessed with Owen being in 911 into the order.

They realize that it is a white supremacist group where they brand each other.

Judd concludes that Owen is lonely and Owen concludes he's bored and needs a dragon to slay.

Tommy, Grace and Judd are all at church when the pastor announces a new pastor that will be taking them to new heights and it's the guy that Tommy saved twice and asked out. Trevor.

The FBI knocks on Owen's door. They want him to potentially go undercover at the motorcycle club because of his associates.

9-1-1: Lone Star
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9-1-1: Lone Star Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

TK: So you're married.
Carlos: In name only.
TK: To a woman.
Carlos: Back then, that was the only way you could do it.

Marjan: You bought a crotch rocket, Cap?
Owen: This isn't a crotch rocket; this is a classic cruising bike.