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Buck comforts Abby after the loss of her mother.

The responders get a call from both a husband and a wife, both claiming there is something wrong with the other. Athena realizes the wife might be having a stroke. 

Bobby is ready to dip his feet back in the dating pool. 

A girl shows up to the firehouse blaming Buck for breaking her heart, but he swears he's never seen her before.

Athena's ex husband takes their kids on a trip. 

A man is pronounced dead at a psychic's, but he's not really dead and wakes up on the coroner's table. The guy has a sleep disorder that makes him appear dead. 

Hen apologizes to Karen and begs her to come home. She's not ready to hear it. 

Another girl approaches Buck when he's with Abby claiming he ghosted her.

A man on a motorcycle is hit by a car and severed in half, but is somehow still alive. There's nothing they can do for him and he dies in the street.  

Chimney tells Buck that someone is pretending to be him online and catfishing women. 

Bobby asks Athena to come to church with him. 

Buck and Chimney track the catfisher's IP address and find him dead in his trailer. 

Buck explains the situation to Abby, who believes him, but she's going to Dublin for a few months to find herself. 

Karen comes home to Hen. 

Bobby and Athena go out on a date. 

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9-1-1 Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Bobby: I'm sorry, that was unprofessional.
Athena: No one bats a thousand. Not with the things we got to see every day.

Psychic: Would you like a quick reading from me?
Hen: I'd like for you to keep breathing into this bag and mind your own business.
Psychic: I knew she was going to say that.