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A man pretends something is wrong with his plane before proposing and she passes out due to broken heart syndrome. 

The firehouse hosts a party to welcome Chimney back. Buck invites Abby and he introduces her to the rest of the house. After some goading from the house, Buck asks Abby out for Valentine's Day. 

Athena responds to a noise complaint involving a woman who has had a fight with her boyfriend. Athena looks around, doesn't see anything amiss, and leaves, but gives her her card first. The girl grabs a meat cleaver and attacks her tied up boyfriend. 

Bobby tells Buck to get to know Abby and avoid having sex with her on their first date. 

Athena helps a man deliver a kidney to the hospital in time for a transplant, despite a huge accident on the roads. 

Athena gets called back to the girl's apartment who gives her chocolate and wants her to stay. Athena finds blood in the shower and then discovers the boyfriend's dead body. The girl, Melora, holds a gun to Athena's head. 

Buck chokes on bread at dinner and Abby calls 9-1-1 while a waiter does the Heimlich. Abby begins CPR compressions and asks the 9-1-1 dispatcher to walk her through a tracheotomy. It works and he wakes up as paramedics arrive. 

A woman is having an affair with her husband when her boyfriend comes home early. Her husband jumps from a window and suffers a serious injury.

Athena tries to talk Melora into untying her. She has her boyfriend's other girlfriend tied up too. Melora wants to put Athena's heart in her boyfriend. Athena manages to escape her binds and knocks out Melora. 

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9-1-1 Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Bobby: You think it's just women who run the companies who are trying to sell you those things?
Buck: Well, they're at least in on it.
Bobby: Well, I know plenty of women who don't like Valentine's Day, and plenty of guys who love it.

One of the things I realized when I was gone was that I really need you people...like I need a hole in the head!