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A man decides to blow up a dead tree that his wife used to use for target practice. The explosion caused a bullet to fly out of the tree and hit him in the chest. He abused his wife and Hen makes a comment about karma. 

Chimney is running a blood drive at the firehouse. Bobby refuses to participate, but Chimney lays on the guilt trip and convinces him.

Athena and her husband argue over his new boyfriend meeting the kids. 

The fire crew are called to a man in a tanning bed who is completely burned. Hen tries CPR, but he dies. It turns out he was a jerk to his employee. Karma strikes again. 

Bobby gets a call regarding his blood, but they won't tell him over the phone. He tells his priest that he wonders if the blood test is karma coming back to punish him for the fire he caused. 

The doctor informs Bobby that he actually qualifies for their rare donor's program, and could potentially save the lives of millions of children with regular donation. 

A man taunts a tiger in the zoo, and the tiger escapes. The tiger is hit with a tranquilizer. 

Athena's kids tell her that they prefer honesty, and hate having to fake that their parents' marriage is a happy one. 

Bobby's plan was to kill himself and reunite with his family after he paid back the 148 lives he took. He feels G-d is punishing him by forcing him to stay alive and be a blood donor. 

Hen admits to Athena that she cheated on her wife. She advises her to tell Karen the truth. Before Hen gets a chance to come clean, Karen informs her that her ex Eva is suing for custody. 



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9-1-1 Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Hen: I'm just saying maybe this guy is not all bad. Michael has an okay track record picking them.
Athena: I wouldn't care if he's dating the Dalai Lama.
Hen: I know. Michael being with somebody else is hard.
Athena: What's hard is that somehow we decided that what's best for the kids is that we stay together and try to play happy modern family. All that means to me is that Michael gets to keep having the cake of living in my house and eating it too.

Well dude, I guess you're gonna have to get over your fear of needles, huh?