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A plane goes down and panic ensues. 

Buck asks Hen about Bobby's book. She tells him to leave it alone. He asks anyway, and Bobby gets really angry.

The plane crashes in water, and the fire department sets out on life boats towards the wreckage. 

8 hours before the crash, Athena is still stalking her daughter's bully. She confronts the girl and arrests her for possession. 

Athena arrives at the airport to deal with the chaos and family members of the passengers. 

Bobby works to free a mom whose legs are pinned while Buck gets her son onto a raft. Hen tries to rescue a couple trapped in the bathroom.

The plane fills with water and Bobby refuses to leave the mom. Both of them get airlifted out of the plane. 

One passenger calls 911 and leaves a message for his pregnant wife. Abby records the call. She calls Buck asking about him. 

Athena finds that an officer has duct taped an unruly passenger to his seat. She gets them all off the plane. 

Buck tells Abby that the passenger who made the call, Dale, has died. The wife comes to the call center and Abby plays the recording for her. 

Athena is put on restrictive duty for her actions with Leila. 

Buck and Hen drop by Bobby's apartment to check on him and find him passed out drunk in bed. 

Abby's mom wanders off and leaves the apartment. 






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9-1-1 Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Laila: You are in such trouble, my father's an attorney.
Athena: Tax attorney.

What, a plane just crashed and some jackass is complaining about not getting his extra bag of nuts? No sir, not today.