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Flashbacks show Bobby in Minnesota five years ago on the night his family died in the apartment building fire. 

After achieving six months of sobriety, Bobby tells his boss that he is ready to go back to work in the field. His boss suggests the other members in the department aren't ready for him to come back, so he is sent to Los Angeles, with his record whitewashed. 

Bobby joins the 118 and has an eventful first day that includes a man stuck in a palm tree and a woman stuck in a hairdryer. He also deals with a man who is being slashed by a chicken and meets Athena for the first time. 

That night, instead of going to a meeting, he goes to a bar. The next day he visits a church and begins to form a relationship with the priest. 

The station is called to a fledgling restaurant that has caught on fire, and Deluca runs into the restaurant, which makes Bobby upset. The father and son trapped inside are rescued, but Bobby takes exception to Deluca's attitude after the fact and fires him. 

While out with Hen, Chimney, and Tommy, Bobby gets a hunch and returns to the restaurant to investigate. He runs into Athena there, and they discover that the father burned his restaurant down. 

After the son chastises him for turning his father in, Bobby devotes himself to going to meetings and creating a team atmosphere at the station. 

In present day, Bobby tells his team that he is being suspended and he starts the prooceedings in front of the panel who will determine if he can work for the fire department. 

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9-1-1 Season 2 Episode 16 Quotes

Bobby, you want to be punished? Your punishment is that you lived. Now make it worth a damn.


Okay, cut her free. Just don't decapitate her. It's my first day.

Bobby [to Hen & Chimney]