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Maddie helps a man whose wife was going into labor before being knocked unconscious during an aftershock. With the roads jammed and ambulances limited, she is able to guide the man to a fire in the city where EMT units could assist them. 

Bobby and Chimney are looking for Hen in the building, while Buck and Eddie are leading Ali out of the building. While they attempt to get out, they hit a dead end and run into a man with a spinal injury. They are able to get him stabilized on an ironing board and propel him down the elevator shaft just in time before the building shifted. 

Athena was out in the city and was called to a grocery store where the owner said he was being looted. However, he was actually gouging the prices and Athena made him offer the store up at half price instead. 

After the building is evacuated, Bobby and Chimney stay inside to look for Hen. Fellow firefighters show up to help them move the debris in the parking garage to get to Hen, who is freed along with Paisley and Kat. 

At the end of the day, Bobby goes to see Athena and Michael invites him inside to have dinner with the family. 

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9-1-1 Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Buck: How are you feeling?
Ali: Not dead yet.

Chimney: If we do this wrong, we risk bringing the rest of this down on top of her.
Bobby: So we go slow. But not too slow. She's in there, Chim.
Chimney: Roger that.