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A man looking to outduel his neighbors holiday light show, inflates a massive Santa on his roof and is subsequently knocked off and needs assistance from the first responders. 

Athena and Bobby are setting up for Christmas when Athena asks Bobby to move in. He doesn't know how to respond. 

Eddie and Shannon are hooking up and not talking about their issues. When Christopher comes home unexpectedly, Eddie makes Shannon hide and leave before he sees her. Later, she shows up at the toy drive at the firehouse and Eddie admits to her that he forgives her but still doesn't trust her. 

A man gets trapped inside a box that ships out of a warehouse and Maddie helps lead the paramedics to his location. 

While looking for a tree for Maddie, Chimney runs into a man named Jason who helps him pick one out. He later runs into the same man at the video store, after his gift to Maddie doesn't go over so well. The man helps Chimney pay for his purchase when he realizes he doesn't have his wallet.

The team responds to a call at a restaurant where a girl has lost part of her nose due to a flying drone. 

A marine onboard a bus on his way to his daughter's recital helps save a man's life after the bus gets into a car accident. The firefighters take him aboard the firetruck so the man can get there in time to see his daughter perform. 

Bobby proposes to Athena and she accepts. 

Eddie allows Shannon back into Christopher's life. 

Maddie explains to Chimney why she didn't want to celebrate Christmas, which was due to her marriage and the abuse she endured last Christmas. A flashback shows that the man Chimney met earlier is actually Maddie's husband. And in the present day, he has stolen Chimney's wallet. 


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9-1-1 Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Look I'm not trying to give you an ultimatum. I mean, move in or else. That's not me. That's not it. I just wanted you to know I was open to taking the next step.

Athena [to Bobby]

Brandon: I look like an ornament.
Buck: Better on the tree than under it, right?