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In a desperate bid to snag a toy that is flying off the shelf, a woman pepper sprays customers to get the item. She also pepper sprays Santa Claus, and Buck later tells several children that Santa isn't real. 

Maddie receives her share of marital assets and continues to go to therapy. Her therapist suggests that she go to Big Bear and finally say goodbye to Doug which she does. 

At LAX, a baggage cart goes rogue and after a handler stops the cart, he's sucked into a nearby engine. The 118 get there in time to pull him out safely. 

Michael stumbles into Athena's bed one night with no recollection of traveling there. Later, he becomes disoriented and walks through a plate glass window at the mall. 

A mother and son are preparing for Christmas when the mom collapses. Her son, Leo, performs CPR until the 118 arrive and the mother is saved. 

After much testing due to his radiation exposure, all Bobby's labs come back clear. 

A woman with a crippling toothache takes tube after tube of benzocaine and she wakes up with blue skin. After suffering a seizure with the 118 present, they are able to stabilize the woman and get her skin color back to normal. 

Athena and Buck organize all the families getting together at the firehouse to celebrate Christmas, including Leo and his mother. While at the dinner, Michael informs Bobby that the scans he received at the hospital showed that he has a tumor. 

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9-1-1 Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Christopher: Hey Buck. Can I spend Christmas with you?
Buck: I'm sorry buddy, but I'm gonna be working on Christmas with your dad.
Christopher: Stupid work.

Little boy: Is Santa Claus gonna die?
Buck: Oh, hey. No, no, no. Of course not, and don't you worry. He's not really Santa.
Little girl: He's not real?
Buck: No, sweetie. He just pretends.