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Maddie receives a 911 call from a teenager who has taken his father's car without his knowledge and can't get the car to slow down. Athena devises a plan to have the car hit Bobby's fire truck from behind as a means to get the car to stop and get the boy to safety. 

After Buck passes his recertification test, the team surprises him with a party. But at the party, Buck starts coughing up blood and it's revealed that he is suffering from blood clots. Later, Bobby lets Buck know that he isn't cleared to return to work with the medications he's on and when he is cleared he will be on desk duty. This leads Buck to quit. 

Maddie gets a call from a woman who says she was stabbed, but before her location can be found she goes unconscious. 

Athena pulls over a woman and soon discovers that she has blood on her and there is a newborn suffering from respiratory distress in her backseat. 

It's soon revealed that the woman Athena has pulled over cut the baby out of the woman who called Maddie. Athena tracks the victim to a park and finds her in the trunk of a car. She is brought to the hospital and both she and the baby are saved. 

Eddie brings Christopher over to Buck's for the day, as a means to get Buck to get outside and stop feeling sorry for himself. The two go to the pier, and while looking out at the ocean, a tsunami wave appears and is headed right for the pier. 

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9-1-1 Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Buck: Wow. You guys gonna get married already?
Michael: Don't forget to invite us.

Hen: What kind of crazy person came up with this plan?
Bobby: My wife.