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During an ice skating show, a sequin on the ice causes a figure skater to crash, and it ends with one skater losing several fingers and another skating lodging her skate into her partner's chest. 

Eddie continues to fight but moves from the junkyard to an underground fighting ring where he makes a substantial amount of cash. 

A man in a self-driving car has a heart attack and crashes into the hospital. 

Karen struggles after the loss of the embryos, and Hen feels angry with her for neglecting her and Denny. 

Eddie knocks out a man during a fight and a piece of the man's nose becomes lodged in his throat. Eddie calls 911, against the wishes of the promoter, and Lena's house takes the call. She covers for Eddie by loaning him his jacket, but the next day her captain tells Bobby what happened. 

At a packaging warehouse, a man urinates on a robot moving items and the robot malfunctions, dropping boxes and crushing him. The 118 manages to get him free and stable enough for transport. While en route to the hospital, Hen hits a vehicle in an intersection. The young driver dies on the scene, leaving Hen devastated. 

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9-1-1 Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Bobby: A wardrobe malfunction can be the most dangerous part of figure skating.
Chimney: So how come you know so much about figure skating?
Bobby: My partner Heidi Shatsky and I were Twin Cities junior champions three years running.
Eddie: I always thought you were a hockey player, Cap.
Bobby: Who says you can't do both?

Buck: Found two fingers, Cap. Still looking for the other ones.
Eddie: Hey, I got the pinkie!
Buck: All right. Three down, one to go.