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A mother and daughter go skydiving, and an unexpected jerk leads the instructor to hit his head. He then falls out of the plane and is hanging by his chute, which has latched onto something in the plane. The 118 are able to rescue him by having Buck and Eddie stand on top of the moving firetruck and catching him when the plane flies over.

Michael, Athena, and Bobby tell the kids that Michael will be undergoing brain surgery after his radiation treatment was unsuccessful. Later, after a talk with May about his fears, Michael decides to cancel his surgery and focus on living in the present.

On Chimney's birthday, his half-brother, Albert, arrives after running away from his father in Korea. Albert hits it off with the 118 immediately, causing friction with Chimney.

A man fishing accidentally ingests a fish, and Hen has to extract the fish from his throat.

A man, Justin, with a crush on an unsuspecting man, runs into a metal pole rendering him unable to speak. Justin's friend reads a love letter to his crush, and his crush later accompanies him in the ambulance.

A man is run over by a bulldozer driven by a former homeowner who's home has gone into foreclosure. After he is freed, the team finds out that his organs are coming out of his back.

Chimney gets into an argument with Albert while out, claiming that Albert is trying to take his friends from him. The two make up later, and Chimney allows him to stay with him.

Hen and Karen meet their foster daughter.

Chimney introduces Maddie to the Lee's.

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9-1-1 Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Are you boys single?

Skydiving Mom [to Buck and Eddie]

Skydiving Mom: Is he gonna be alright?
Hen: He's a little beat up, but I think he'll fly again.
Chimney: Just not sure he's gonna want to.