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Before the train derailment, Abby is shown having a drink on the train. Soon after that, the train crashes into an RV Park.

At the 118, Eddie frets over whether to send Christopher to sleepaway camp, and Hen takes practice MCAT tests.

Abby calls 911, and the 118 and others descend upon the train crash. Buck runs into Abby there, and she tells him that her fiancé is trapped in one of the cars.

Buck, Eddie, and Bobby find Abby’s fiancé, Sam, as well as another victim pinned by the same beam. Bobby tells them to save the girl, as her vitals are better, but Buck executes a daring rescue from outside the unsecured train car to save them both.

Chimney and Hen save a young boy whose spine has been dislocated from his neck.

Athena meets with a doctor and tells her that she now doubts herself and her ability to do her job after the attack by the serial rapist.

Buck and Abby meet, and she explains why she never came back to Los Angeles.

Michael gets the good news that his tumor has shrunk, and he goes on a date with the doctor he previously met in the elevator.

Maddie and Chimney find out that she’s pregnant.

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9-1-1 Season 3 Episode 18 Quotes

Look, this moment is about you. It's not about what you're supposed to say. It should come from your heart.

Maddie [to Josh]

Bartender: Someone waiting for you there?
Abby: No. He stopped waiting for me a long time ago.