Buck & Eddie Look Out - 9-1-1 Season 4 Episode 4
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A woman calls 911 to complain about local kids spraying water guns at her while a block party occurs on her street. May answers the call and tells her it’s a crime to call the line for a non-emergency, and while still on the line, a struggle appears to ensue.

Athena finds the woman, Delia, dead in her pool. A look at her neighbors reveals that Delia was no well-liked in the neighborhood. Soon after that, someone breaks into Delia’s home. Athena and Romero arrest fellow neighbor Rita, whom Delia was blackmailing due to her being on the lab for identity theft and bigamy.

Even though Rita’s gun killed Delia, Athena and Romero deduce that Delia accidentally shot herself after tripping and yelling at a local dog.

May struggles with Delia’s death and goes to Bobby for help. Later, she graduates training at the call center, and her family throws her a party.

Chimney struggles with the weight of the secret Maddie told him when the Buckley parents come to town.

The 118 head to an office building where a disgruntled former employee has planted a bomb. Chimney finds him and tells him the secret he’s hiding before knocking him out and grabbing the detonator.

At dinner, Buck confronts his parents about giving up on both him and Maddie when they were younger.

Later, while going through Maddie’s baby box, Buck finds a picture of a young boy he doesn’t recognize. Maddie tells him it’s their brother Daniel who passed away.

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9-1-1 Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Maddie: I guess I just want my little girl to have a normal family. You know, uncles and grandparents that she might actually know.
Buck: Well then maybe you shoulda got knocked up by a guy who has one of those.

Romero: So, she was on the phone with 911, not about an intruder when she was shot. What are the odds?
Athena: Well, Delia treated 911 like her own personal grievance hotline. I'd say the odds of her dying with them on the line were above average.