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Sue waits for her husband in the car while he’s in the market. When she sees something suspicious, she gets out, and she is hit by a car.

May announces to the family that she wants to move out, and Athena tells her okay, much to the surprise of everyone.

Reeling from Sue’s injury, Josh recounts how Sue saved his life. Flashbacks show that in 2006, Josh was stuck in a highrise that was on fire and called 911, reaching Sue. She talks to him and helps guide him to safety while also helping him aid a woman who had fallen unconscious.

Athena is called to a woman who has her daughter Tracie’s ex-boyfriend trapped in his car with a bat. She tells Athena that he daughter is missing and the police aren’t helping. Athena takes the case to Ransone, and the two investigate.

Buck asks Taylor to broadcast the hit and run on the news, as the police have no leads.

Athena and Ransone discover the night Tracie went missing, she was at a casino and was drugged and kidnapped. They also learn the same person who kidnapped Tracie also hit Sue.

After broadcasting the vehicle's license plate, the police find the car at a container yard. With the kidnapper still on the loose, Josh has to walk the police through capturing him while the 118 renders aid to the victim.

Sue recovers and is welcomed back to work.

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9-1-1 Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

Josh: I don't know how this place runs without her.
Maddie: It's got you.

Destiny: He was inside buying flowers while someone was trying to kill her.
Buck: What? I thought this was an accident.
Destiny: He never took his foot off the gas, like he wanted that lady dead.